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Hello, I am Samantha the founder of! 

The picture of me as a blonde was taken when I opened this site in 2008.

I was an entertainer, AKA a stripper!!

While I was in college, a girl came into the store I was working at, she proceeded to purchase many sexy items. I asked her what she was going to do with so many things, she said she needed different things all the time for work. In general conversation I asked her what she did, she said she was a dancer. I went to college near Atlantic City. Silly and naïve me, thought she was a dancer at one of the casino shows! I asked what show and she gave me the address of the club and told me to come visit her that night! OK, I was intrigued! I went to see her that night and quickly decided working one day a week as a dancer was a lot better than working five days and going to school equal time.

Who knew my accounting degree would later help me run this business!


While working as an entertainer, I saw a need for a more personal shopping experience.

One dedicated to entertainers' needs. YES, there is a difference between "Stripper clothes, Stripper lingerie and "regular lingerie". Stripper Clothes - Stripper Lingerie must be more durable as it is worn daily verses a special occasion.

The picture of me as a brunette was taken at my website's seven year anniversary party!

I look a lot different now but my goal is still the same! I had a vision, a dream for my site, so I made it a reality. I still love helping my customers as much as I did on day one! I am in the office daily along with my amazing staff to help you with any questions regarding stripper clothes, exotic dancer boots, sexy platform high heels, and everything a sexy stripper needs!

If you are not a stripper, do not worry- you can play one in the bedroom!


Please... read our ShippingBilling and Privacy and/or Returns 

page for any questions you might have if our office is closed.


YIPPEEE!!!!! We now have a sister site!

As of August 2015, I saw a need for another store with even more lingerie brands, plus size products, sexy adult games, candles, condoms, sex products, trans-gendered products, bondage fun, and pretty much anything "naughty" adults could enjoy themselves with!

Please visit both my stores often! Products are added daily to both so the fun never stops!

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 Fraud Warning

Please be aware, we will work with any government agency needed to report any fraudulent activity. Do NOT think a small illegal transaction will not be worth our time following through and having charges pressed. Reporting an item you have received via USPS as missing is a Federal Crime. Your IP address is logged at check out. Even using a public computer leaves a trace of where the order was created. This protects us and our honest customers from cyber crime.


Ridiculous Disclaimer!!!

YES, this actually legally required by my lawyer!

Samantha Patrick Design DBA and the staff of,

is not responsible for any injury that may result in using our products, Do not drink and try to walk in high heels- or walk at all if you are that dumb to think somebody else is responsible for your actions! We do not encourage you to engage in any behavior that could find yourself injured or to injure another party due to your actions. Walking in high heels can be hazardess but is so much fun!!!

While wearing and using our products, observe local laws.