Nine Years WOW

Posted by Samantha Patrick President & Founder on 7th Nov 2017

I can't even believe it is about to be NINE years since this dream started!!!I feel blessed everyday to own this site and my sister site MyNaughtyCloset.comI have had a lot of personal struggles in th … read more

It has been a really long time so here is why

Posted by Samantha Patrick on 1st Apr 2017

Hello All!I am so excited that after almost a year and a half of non stop family problems we are really ready to take over the web!I had all family working for me which was great but when the family h … read more


Posted by Samantha Patrick on 10th Nov 2015

Dear Customers,Pleaser Shoes has increased their prices. I am forced to follow their pricing guidelines to sell their  brands: Pleaser, Devious, and Demonia. I was not able to meet their ext … read more

Welcome Roma Costume to

Posted by Samantha Patrick on 5th Sep 2015

Welcome Roma Costume to MyStripperCloset.comA little history about me... I was a "stripper"! I am not just a corporation making money off of women. I started dancing in college. I "thought" I would d … read more

A little vacation does a website owner good

Posted by Samantha Patrick on 13th Aug 2015

Just a few weeks ago I decided to launch my new store before I went on vacation because taking preorders was turning into a nightmare. I had the plan in my mind perfect- a wee … read more