It has been a really long time so here is why

Posted by Samantha Patrick on 1st Apr 2017

Hello All!

I am so excited that after almost a year and a half of non stop family problems we are really ready to take over the web!

I had all family working for me which was great but when the family has a problem who is left to run the family business?

I have not had our shoe and boot files fixed in over a year because honestly its our lowest money maker so to invest the money needed was not a priority.

We expect to have all the shoe files updated before Memorial Day and then daily the inventory will be updated so no incorrect items will be allowed to be ordered.

We are still clearing out Body Language Fashions and a few brands we are just not dealing with anymore so if you want a bulk discount on any order over $500.00 for Body Language, please send us an email.

The servers can only hold so many items on them before the site slows down so we really want to clear out the old!

We are going to be sticking with 

Pleaser & Ellie for our shoes, 

Nom de Plume for our custom items, 

Niptix & Pastease for breast stickers/pasties (nipztix will be added in the next couple of weeks!)

Allure Lingerie for wet look clothing, vinyl, & leather

Roma for some lingerie - mostly our Stripper Line

Raveware for amazing mens lingerie- with some ladies

and Elegant Moments for our main collection!

All other brands will be phased out.

Please be sure to visit for a HUGE selection of adult toys and thousands of lingerie products that are updated daily.

Please sign up for our newsletter as we will be having fantastic sales starting 4/10/17 again!