Open Box Category

Open Box Category

Posted by Samantha Patrick on 25th Feb 2022

Our New Open Box Category

Does it stretch? How Much? Soft? Rough?

Um, we are talking about our products….

What is the purpose of the open box?

The open box category has all the products that we have videoed. We take videos to show our customers (you) the kind of material a product is and how much it can stretch, if at all. We show how it will look on camera vs in person. An example is a product may look a certain color in the photos but in the videos, it will show you the actual color. We also show you details that otherwise you may not have known, such as if a product is black light or flash reflective, has a hidden zipper, ties around the neck, if the product adjust etc. We also measure the products so you will have a better chance of finding a product that fits like a glove.

Why are the items in this category cheaper?

The items in this category have not been worn or even tried on, -- only our hands touched the "OPEN BOX" item to show details for the video. The item will be deeply discounted and be the only one available at that low of a price. Once we take the video, we immediately put the item back in the packaging.

Our goal is to make shopping easy and informing as possible, every product that has a video has a arrow saying “Watch Samantha's Review Video” You can also go to our YouTube page to watch all of our videos on Elegant Moments LingeriePleaser USA, and Spring Hill Wood Works Etc.