Posted by Samantha Patrick on 10th Nov 2015

Dear Customers,

Pleaser Shoes has increased their prices. I am forced to follow their pricing guidelines to sell their  

brands: Pleaser, Devious, and Demonia. 

I was not able to meet their extremely short notice criteria so I made the choice to take their products down

for the time being. 

I do look forward to getting all the Pleaser products up in the future, but as of 11/10/15, the only Pleaser brands that 

will be shown on are Fabulicious and Bordello. 

Funtasma does not have its prices effected but we are currently using it as our test brand to create the updates needed.

Please call us if you wish to order any shoes not currently listed. 

I am using this update time to get my site into "live time" ordering. 

There will be no more out of stock with Pleaser brands once all the updates are made.

I will post an update when all the work is completed.

My staff has been extremely busy during the best Halloween season we have ever had and 

especially the last four days during my stores anniversary sale.

Thank you to my loyal customers and staff who make my dream reality every day.