Sexy School Girl to Sultry Mistress: Top 5 Looks for a Great Night

Posted by Samantha on 11th Aug 2021

One of the all-time sexiest costumes is the naughty schoolgirl. Whether you already have a costume or not, there are always variations on the classic that are fun to add to your wardrobe or collection. If you want to spice up your nights, try going from sexy schoolgirl to sultry mistress with one of these top 5 looks.

1. Talk Nerdy to Me School Girl Costume 6 Pc Set by Dreamgirl Lingerie

A classic is a classic for a reason. This take goes with the red tartan plaid that we all know and love. The itty-bitty top shows a graphic to up the nerdiness while igniting the sexy. The accessories complete the outfit with suspenders and necktie, plus some socks that reach mid-thigh. The fun details in this outfit come together to create one entire grown-up sexy schoolgirl look that is sure to please.

2. Black and White Sexy School Girl Costume by Music Legs

While tartan plaid is usually the rage, you can get a different look with this black and white checkered material. The skirt is nice and high with a lovely lace detail on the trim. Match it with the knee-high socks that have complementary bows. The cleavage-building top is flattering on every body type. We love the versatility of this outfit because it is perfectly coordinated but uses neutral colors for easy use with other outfits.

3. Slutty But Tempting School Girl by Roma Costume

A more modest take on the schoolgirl fantasy costume is this outfit by Roma Costume. The yellow plaid skirt is cute and flirty with suspenders taking it high. The top features a cute, busty tie with more coverage in the back to keep your partner or audience guessing. With high quality fabric and stitching, this outfit will withstand many uses as the sultry mistress you become.

4. Slutty School Girl Set Showing Underboobs by Roma Costume

Another twist on a classic look, this red tartan plaid is used in all the sexiest ways. The short skirt is beautiful and well-constructed with just enough length to cover the essentials. The ultimate details are in the top, giving your partner a peek of what’s to come. While the collared top and mock necktie give the uniform look you need, the lack of breast coverage with the plaid strap bring the tempting look you want.

5. Sexy School Girl Plaid Lavender Front Zipper Corset by Escante Lingerie

Looking for something a little different? Try this schoolgirl inspired front zipper corset. It has the classic plaid look, but in a lavender color. Using a corset rather than a thin shirt is a fun twist on the old classic. With black accents, it is easy to match to any black bottom such as a skirt, panties, or thong. Add a pair of glasses during your reveal and you will quickly become the teacher’s pet.