Step By Step How to Order Nom de Plume Items

Step By Step How to Order Nom de Plume Items

Posted by Samantha Patrick on 30th Jul 2018

Nom de Plume is the only company we use to bring our customers custom gowns, dresses, and catsuits.

These sexy gowns are what sexy strippers wear in Gentlemans Clubs. 

The gowns can be used for any formal event like New Years Eve, weddings, prom, or any event you want to look and feel extra special.

The process to order gets some people lost so any questions not answered for you here of course feel free to reach out to us.

The possibilities are endless with custom fittings, add extra rhinestones, sequins, beading, appliques, and sometimes even a special color can be ordered.

We also have some indivdual videos to review some of our best selling stripper gowns that Samantha the President used to wear when she was a stripper!