Ellie Shoes

ELLIE SHOES is a family owned and operated company.  It was founded in Orange, California by Ellen Renger in 2000. The company started out as a footwear company that specialized in lingerie and bedroom shoes for women. Over the years, as Halloween costumes began getting sexier, the demand for a sexy costume shoe to match the outfit inspired Ellie’s involvement in the Halloween industry. Halloween has opened up new opportunities and has given us a lot of exposure to a whole new community. It was by accident that these two industries collided, and it continues to be a force that grows our business today. However, the DNA of Ellie Shoes is still in the lingerie business, and we’ve recently signed a license agreement with Bettie Page, catering to the Rockabilly, Pin-Up, and Burlesque genres. Gaining brand awareness in both industries is a huge accomplishment for us!  We take pride in working with reputable retailers, and their loyalty is what keeps our brands alive.  We offer costume specific shoes as well as unique designs for our sexy community. 

This Collection caters to the lifestyle and inspirations of Bettie Page’s iconic-presence within the subcultures that follow her today! Here you’ll find sexy stripper platform heels and ankle, knee, and thight high boots for exotic dancers in 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, 7 inch, and 8 inch.