Samantha's Shoe Survival Guide


Tips from Samantha herself for picking out the right pair of shoes/boots!

Change It Up
Yes, Black High Heels are the #1 choice of color for Stripper Shoes and Stripper Boots, but go wild and pick something fun!

You will feel even sexier and more daring in something with a little extra attitude.

"Help, My Clear Top Shoes Are Digging Into My Feet!"
Shoes found under the categories ‘Clear Competition Shoes' tend to dig into your skin at first. The trick to avoiding this pain is to take a hair dryer, put it on a low setting and warm the plastic. You need to move the hair dryer along the line of plastic (don’t hold it in one spot for too long). You will literally be able to feel the plastic change; this should take no more than one minute. Slide your foot into the shoes immediately after this process and the plastic will cool down and mold to your foot. Walk around in them for a few minutes to allow the plastic to set. Voila, no more pain!

Heel Height Controversy

We are all guilty of wanting to wear shoes with a higher heel height than we should be wearing.

The 9” and 10” shoes we have listed are best for the bedroom or for playtime.

I would not recommend them for dancing. Wobbly ankles are not safe or attractive.

If you really want to wear them in the club, I would recommend them if you are performing floor/stage work only.


Get To Know Your Shoes

Always try to wear your new Stripper Heels around the house before wearing them on stage to avoid unanticipated slips and spills. Wear them on a solid surface at first then graduate to a soft one. Start on hard wood, then move to tile, then to carpet. All three of these textures will make you walk and feel different in your shoes, so it’s good to practice in each pair of your shoes. These surfaces can all be found in clubs too, so be sure to master all three! 


Poles and Straps Go Foot in Foot (Like Hand in Hand)

If you do any pole work I would definitely recommend shoes that have straps. I have seen a high heel fly across the bar one too many times. If you really don’t like straps, then try wrapping a garter around your ankle and shoe as shown below or buy our Clear Ankle Straps to convert Slide In Heels to Strappy Heels.

Time is Money

If you give lap dances, I would not advise wearing Stripper Heels with straps. They take too much time to take on and off- cutting into your time, and time is money! If you take your shoes on and off to give lap dances, it is good to know that black sole shoes are best for you. This is because lighter colored soles will show how dirty your shoes are in as quick as one night as opposed to the black which never show much dirt at all.


Stage Shoes vs. Club Shoes

I highly suggest you differentiate which shoes and boots are best suited for the stage and which ones are best for walking around the club. Walking in heels is really not so great for our backs. We should limit wearing the sky-high stripper heels to when we can actually show them off on stage. An alternative to this idea is to really give platforms a try. The taller the platform, the less your back will suffer.


Just Because You Can't See It, Doesn't Mean It's Not There

I have become a huge fan of stripper shoes that have hidden platforms. They seem to have more cushion to prevent your feet from sliding forwards in the shoe which is ultimately more comfortable. Also, some upscale clubs just do not allow visible platforms.


Band Aids Are Tricky

If you’re buying Band Aids DO NOT buy the clear ones, as they will glow in the black light. Get the stretch-fabric, skin colored kind, or even a cute or funny patterned one for a potential conversation starter for you and your customer.


Don't Be Cheap With Your Feet

Always have a back up pair. Stripper Shoes and Stripper Boots break easily and trust me, you do not want to borrow another person’s shoes, lose a night’s worth of income, or have to order a new pair and spend the overnight shipping fee. Even if you don’t bring the extra pair of shoes into the club, at least have them in your car.

Spend the money for foot deodorant, it's definitely worth the investment. Spray your stripper shoes at home.

Get a pedicure as often as you can afford, but don’t let the pedicurist take a razor to your callouses! Removing them is not only unsafe, but it makes your feet more tender. You need to build up a tolerance to the pain you will endure to make the money you are hoping for.

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